Leavenworth Soccer Club


What am I responsible to provide my player as far as equipment?

The Leavenworth Soccer Club provides coaches with balls, cones, pinnies, whistles, first aid kit.

Players will recieve a team jersey.

Players should plan to bring their own shin guards and soccer shoes.

If you are unable to provide these, let us know. LSC sometimes has extra equipment available on an as needed basis.

When do practices and games start?

The Leavenworth Soccer Club offers spring and fall season soccer for boys and girls ages 5 - 14. Registration should be completed by February (spring) and June (fall). Practices start in late March for spring and mid to late August for fall, and the game season starts in April (spring) and September (fall), and ends in May (spring) and October (fall). Games are scheduled on Saturdays and some mid-week days.

When does the Kinder Kicks program run?

Kinder Kicks is every Saturday in August from 9-10:30 am.

Can I make a team request?

REMEMBER, the focus for our recreational league is enjoyment of the game and skill development. With that in mind, forming balanced teams is very important to us. We do not honor team requests based upon the desire to play with friends or specific coaches. The only requests which will be considered for team placement are logistical (transportation) arrangements for those that may live in more remote locations around our valley. The physical address is confirmed before granting this type of request. If you do have this type of request, please email a brief explanation and your physical address to leavenworthsoccerclubregistrar@gmail.com prior to registration closing. Thank you for understanding.

I've heard that there is a shoe exchange. Please tell me more!

The shoe exchange is best accomplished on the Leavenworth Mamas and Papas Facebook page.

What is the registration refund policy?

All players are required to pay a non-refundable registration fee at the time of registration. This is a non-refundable fee. If a player requests to drop for any reason other than injury or relocation NO refund will be issued. The player will be responsible for full payment of fees. Please click HERE for the official refund policy.

Can my child play on a PSPL Competitive Team and and LSC rec soccer team?

LSC allows players to play on both PSPL Competitive teams and LSC rec soccer teams as long as the team's soccer seasons do not overlap.