Leavenworth Soccer Club

Board Members

Please email leavenworthsoccerclub@gmail.com if interested in any position listed below.

Positions for EVEN year elections are as follows: Fields Coordinator, Registrar, Treasurer, Publicity Coordinator, Coach Development Coordinator, Player Development Coordinator

Positions for ODD year elections are as follows: President, Secretary, Equipment Coordinator, Sponsorship and Fundraising Coordinator, Referee Development Coordinator

*Interested Volunteers Needed


Aaron Simon


Sam Jerome

Coach Development

Kelly Gillespie


Aaron Boeger



Kelly Pedeferri

Equipment Coordinator

Bonnie Kinnear

Fields Coordinator

Mike Miller

Kinder Kicks Coordinator

Guenna Curtis

Player Development

Jenny Colella


Chloe Hollatz

Publicity Coordinator

Jenny Sorensen

Referee Developement


Ian Ross

2018 LSC Board Nominees Statements:

Jill Svilar - Treasurer
"I am certainly interested in helping out. Let me know what I need to do. Thanks!"

Hayley Stoebner - Coach and Player Development Coordinator
"It would be an honor to serve as the Coach and Player Development Coordinator for the Leavenworth Soccer Club (LSC). The game of soccer has provided me many wonderful opportunities as a player, coach, and coaching educator. I hope to use those experiences to make a positive impact on my community and the LSC."

Kelly Gillespie - Storm Coordinator
"Happy to help."

Jenny Sorensen - Publicity Coordinator
"Happy to help."

Mike Miller - Fields Coordinator
"Sounds good to me."

Samantha Jerome - Registrar
"I would be happy to be Registrar for another term."

Please see the Bylaws HERE for Duties of Officers